About Us

What we are

GemahVoip is one of the leading voip termination providers in the European market. we terminate billions of minutes every year to all continents of the world with our highly reliable and robust infrastructure. We have over 100 Interconnections with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Telecom operators. We have developed and deployed personalised voip solutions that are suitable to every small scale and large scale enterprises. Our solutions are also extensible to individual domestic customers, callshops and Calling cards providers. With its extensive distribution chain Gemahvoip is also emerging as one of the key players in Mobile and Cellular wholesale Distribution. A well equipped and highly efficient Purchase team maintains Inventory of Mobile phones in our warehouse in Mainz, Germany

Our Presence


Meet the Team

Oscan Cosgun

One of the founding fathers of Gemah Commodity and their subsidiaries and current CEO of Gemahvoip

YADA Isaac

One of the founding fathers of Gemahvoip, Takes care of our Inventory and Accounts Department.


Worked in past with leading voip operators and now associated with us since last 5 years, Heads our Sales section,

G√úNTHER Rainhard

Heads our Tech Department, with 10 years of experience in voip industry Mr. GUNTHER is an asset to our company


Why Choose Us?

GemahVoip offers one stop solutions for all your Telephony needs. We have a dedicated team of voip professionals which will help you personalise your voip setup and your telephone connections. We have over 100 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Interconnections with Telecom Operators that will guarantee your call termination with highest voice quality at affordable rates. Our Infrastructure is redundant and is up 100% of time and will guarantee that there is no downtime for your voip connections. Our dedicated support team will be at your service 24/7 to help solve your problems in case you have any with the utilisation of our products and our services.

Our Services

Gemahvoip offers wholesale voip termination to all destinations around the globe, Are you a Voip Termination provider? A Voip reseller? A Calling card Provider? A Business Enterprise? We have solutions that are suitable to vast array of clients.
Gemahvoip has one of the best Voip Reseller solutions. If you want to maximize your profit and increase your business then you have come to the right place. Our Reseller solutions are suitable even if you are new to voip industry. You don't know anything about VOIP then don't worry, we are here to get you started in voip business. Just drop in a mail and we will get in contact with you with a robust and personalised solution according to your needs.
Gemahvoip with its extensive and wide variety of Inventory of Mobile phones will offer Mobile phones of leading market brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and others. Please be sure to browse our Mobile Phones category to see our latest brands available for you. we distribute Mobile and cellular phones in bulk quantities.


  • Address: An Der Ochsenwiese 3
    D-Mainz 55124, GERMANY
  • Email: info@gemahvoip.de
  • Website: https://www.gemahvoip.com
  • Telephone: +49 6131 488 3951
  • Skype: gemahvoip


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